Qualifier - Leads Management System

Qualifier is a complete management platform that provide advertisers total control over their marketing leads, with complete transparency to their advertising campaigns.
Qualifier provides a clear understanding of the lead life cycle, so campaigns’ results are easily track-able and effectiveness measured.

Qualifier deploys your advertising campaign across a massive network of affiliates and business partners that include websites, portals, search engines, forums and more, so in a matter of minutes you begin to see enquiries from potential customers start pouring into the system!

The Qualifier system is also a full CRM solution that enables you to boost sales and increase the conversion rate between a Lead to an actual Sale.

Our state of the art web based Qualifier system allows you to:

• Manage your sales team and divide them into defined groups
• Manage your leads and create your own relevant categories( status updates and history, divide into groups, details and info updates etc.)